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Overview of all described functions:

Well, you will find an overview of all features from here. Apart from that, all functions are explained in the description of the ribbon where they occur. So, here is a list of all short keys instead:


File/Data functions:

Ctrl+O: open file
Ctrl+V: paste data from clipboard
Ctrl+C: copy plot to clipboard
Ctrl+Alt+C: copy data to clipboard
Alt+D: duplicate current tab
Shift+S: save data
Shift+Ctrl+S: save data as
Ctrl+Alt+S: save plot as
Ctrl+Alt+B: batch export spectra

Plot/View and Spectra functions:

Ctrl+Q: close app
Ctrl+W: close tab
Shift+Ctrl+V: create new Spectra view
F2: show multi-cursor
F3: custom boundaries
F4: show peak labels
F5: show spectroscope view
F6: edit legend texts
F7: floating legend
F8: show legend
F9: show grid
F10: stack spectra
F11: custom titles
F12: flip x axis direction
Ctrl+H: set background colour
Ctrl+Alt+F: set axes font
Shift+Ctrl+F: set legend font
Alt+D: duplicate tab
Backspace: remove last spectrum
Shift+Delete: remove all spectra
Delete: select spectra for removal
Shift+Ctrl+I: show spectrum properties
PageUp: thicker lines
PageDown: thinner lines
Home: default line types
Shift+Ctrl+P: show print preview
Ctrl+Z: undo last step
Shift+Ctrl+Z: redo undone step
Shift+Delete: remove all spectra
Delete:select spectra for removal
Backspace: remove last spectrum
Shift+Ctrl+O: custom sort


Processing functions:

Shift+Ctrl+K: simple baseline
Shift+Ctrl+B: advanced baseline options
Shift+B: advanced baseline
Ctrl+X: x offset/ stretch
Ctrl+Y: y offset/ stretch
Ctrl+N: normalize (peak)
Ctrl+Alt+N: normalize (value)
Shift+Ctrl+N: normalize (area)
Ctrl+G: simple smoothing
Shift+Alt+G: advanced smooth. options
Shift+Ctrl+M: advanced smoothing
Ctrl+R: remove cosmic spikes
Shift+Ctrl+C: cut off spectrum part
Ctrl+Alt+P: remove a peak

Transform functions:

Ctrl+A: add spectra
Ctrl+L: subtract spectra
Ctrl+M: multiply spectra
Ctrl+D: divide spectra
Alt+S: scaled subtraction
Ctrl+Alt+A: average spectra
Ctrl+Alt+M: merge spectra
Ctrl+Alt+T: transmittance (from intensity)
Shift+Ctrl+R: reflectance (from intensity)
Shift+Ctrl+A: absorbance(from intensity)
Ctrl+Alt+R: Ramanshift transformation
Ctrl+Alt+D: derivative spectrum (1- 4. derivative)

Analyze functions:

Ctrl+P: peaks & FWHM list
Ctrl+I: integration by area/ by baseline
Ctrl+Alt+G: calculate center of gravity
Ctrl+Alt+X: Extract Data

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