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User statements on the new Spectragryph optical spectroscopy software, as filled into an online form (uncensored).
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, please find some former testimonials on Spekwin32, which is the forerunner of SpectraGryph, and was developed by me from 2000 - 2016:

Spekwin32 testimonials, given from 2013 - 2016 :

"Dr. Friedrich Menges I find to be an extraordinary software developer and I currently utilize and love his "Spekwin32 Software for Optical Spectroscopy". This software has been a mainstay of my business model. His software is a integral part of my testing especially in the area of gemstone spectroscopy. He has provided a level of support for his application that is second to none. He is without a doubt a top-notch and exceptional software engineer and developer. I cannot think of a more deserving individual to give a recommendation to."

Bonnie Betz AJP, RGA, Registered Gemologist & Appraiser at Bonnie Betz Gems & Jewelry, LLC

"I have used SpekWin32 by Dr. Friedrich Menges for many years and found it's as very efficient and "light" solution for solving many everyday problems: fast screening of experimental results, importing results to Excel or Statistical programs; Origin or Statistica, fast spectra normalization and background correction... all that in a few clicks and on your desktop at home or office, no need for expensive software, you could use it for FTIR, UV-VIS and much more. Really recommend for efficient work and to reduce load on your instrument control Computer... After few years of silence, new version arrived: many new options still to discover!"

Peters Brangulis, Gemologist at Assay Office of Latvia

"Friedrich is a gifted and self-motivated engineer; that, coupled with his authentic personality, makes it a pleasure to work with him.
He curates Spekwin32, a free program (for personal use) which many of my customers use for advanced spectral analysis. The first time I worked with him, I had asked him for some support and made a casual request for some useful enhancements to the program. Friedrich was a fountain of knowledge; he solved my support issue and kindly agreed to make the software changes to benefit my customer base. Friedrich implemented each of these modifications so quickly that I was shocked by the short timeline! I am used to software engineers taking their sweet time, especially when they are not given a deadline or financial incentive. He even followed up with me multiple times to check in on the status of my customers and to obtain feedback on the modifications. Since then, he has added a Raman shift calculator among other improvements to the software which I have shown interest in. Friedrich has a persistent mind and follows through with what he commits to. I look forward to continuing to work with him in the future."

David Parrino, Applications Scientist and Technical Sales at StellarNet, Inc.

"I have been using Spekwin 32 for many years and have been very impressed with the software, I only view Infrared spectra of used oils and carry out a spectra subtraction from time to time but the software can do so much more and it is very easy to use. In the early days I came across some issues with Biorad vs. Perkin Elmer SPC formats and these were resolved very quickly and professionally by Friedrich. Spekwin32 is inexpensive yet its a very good product that is backed by excellent customer service."
Alistair Geach, Operations Manager at Wearcheck Canada Inc
"I have used Spekwin32 for many years and recommend it to our students. It has a number of features not readily available in other packages such as a nice interpolation routine to generate equally spaced data that allows the conversion from wavenumbers to wavelengths. This has been very useful for student presentations. I have only made use of a small subset of all the possible features. I have always found Dr Menges quick to respond to queries and to provide helpful suggestions"
Robert Lancashire, professor at University of the West Indies at Mona, Jamaica
"While I was both the chairman of the OPCW validation group and head of the OPCW laboratory we used Spekwin32 for display and evaluation of IR data. The program was very useful and was able to be used on a wide variety of data formats. I strongly recommend the program."
Gary Mallard, Sole Proprietor at Teal Consulting

(OPCW = Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. It is the implementing body of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC). It is an independent autonomous organization with a working relationship to the United Nations (UN). OPCW also distributes the software to it's member states.)
"Dr. Friedrich Menges is a very skilled software developer. I have been working with Spekwin32 for over 2 years now and it proves to be efficient, userfriendly and very flexible software package.
I have been working with microscopic imaging and spectroscopic software packages and its developers for many years and recognize his unique skills in understanding the user. I also appreciate his clear communication,and the programmers skills combined with the spectroscopic knowledge."

Arthur Kroon, R&D Specialist at Algae Food & Fuel

"Spekwin32 enables you to quickly visualize and analyze spectra from many formats. For getting an overview on measured spectra, selecting and conversion it is an ideal tool. Many operations like the peak finder and spectral arithmetics facilitate your work. "
Hanns Simon Eckhart, Product Manager Systems at tec5 AG
"I am very satisfied with the Spekwin32 spectroscopy application software. It is intuitive and is supporting multiple types of file formats allowing to import all types of spectra from different spectroscopy techniques. This at a very affordable price for the industry and free for academics. A great product! "
Denis Leroux, Project Lead at bioMérieux
"Spekwin32 is excellent software for viewing and manipulating spectra. It is easy to use and reads lots of formats. I have looked at various software packages to visualize and manipulate spectra and Spekwin32 is easily the most superior. "
Margaret Smith, Research Scientist and University Teacher at Centre for Textile Conservation and Technical Art History, University of Glasgow
"I used Spekwin32 extensively during my thesis. As I had no local access to the original Perkin-Elmer software needed in order to analyse a huge collection of obtained spectra, I had to do some research on spectroscopy software. Nothing came up except for Spekwin32. Not only does Spekwin32 give one the ability to read multiformat spectra, one can also visualise data, perform spectral arithmetics, convert a file to a number of formats and much more. Truly an excellent tool! "
Panagiotis Galatis, Fine Art Conservation at Northumbria University
"Spekwin32 is a great multiformat spectroscopy software to use in the lab. As it is very convenient to analyze data using the original spectra, one of the most important benefits of Spekwin32 is that it can support many data format including Thermo Galactic Grams .SPC, ASCII, JCAMP-DX. Its good user graphical interface for a fast viewing and processing spectra together with its benefits for exporting data in various formats makes me highly recommend Spekwin32 in all labs."
Cristina Rodriguez-Rodriguez, Computational Chemist at Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of British Columbia
"Spekwin32 is really a big rescue that comes free for academician and at decent package for commercial application, especially for researcher handling multi-format spectroscopy data in daily basis. I used it very extensively and would be always very thankful to Friedrich for developing such a flexible and impressive software that too available in public. Except for few data from old Perkin Elmer instrument, I used Spekwin32 for my entire PhD thesis. I highly recommend this amazing package."
Amrit Paudel, Senior Scientist at Research Center Pharmaceutical Engineering GmbH, Austria
"This is an excellent bit of software which I have been using for many years. Its free availability is deeply appreciated. The ability to easily compare and manipulate spectra has helped me in separating spectroscopic data of mixtures and conformers. Keep up the good work."
Mahesh Uttamlal, lecturer in Forensic Investigation at Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland/UK


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