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Spectragryph icon, as used on desktop Splash screen, on starting up SpectraGryph main window, with ribbon menu, quick access toolbar, spectrum view window, ... A classic dropdown menu is mingled into the ribbon interface, one for each ribbon bar

Customizable quick access toolbar. Can be displayed both above or below the ribbon band Office-like hint boxes, with explanations for all icons File menu, giving access to all data/ plot input/ output operations, plus some other functions The "About" part from the file menu

Huge amount of optional settings available, to be stored permanently in registry. Print preview dialog, not yet finished Automated peak labeling as known from Spekwin32, with all the configuration options. Will be enhanced with individual labeling. Movable multi cursor reads all y values for a certain x value simultaneously
Multiple view windows of multiple types possible. "stacked view" for spectra. App style is "Office 2016" with green colour Changing color palette for spectral lines Showing spectra properties for a selected spectrum from the "Spectra" ribbon bar

Unselecting spectra for hiding temporarily Changing spectral line styles Quick change of axis types Selecting spectra for removal
The "Process" ribbon bar, together with the window for doing y offset/ stretch The "Transform" ribbon bar, together with the window for adding spectra The "Analyze" ribbon bar, together with the Peak/ FWHM listing window The "Fluorescence/EEM" ribbon bar (icons to be done), together with scatter removal window.
Advanced baseline window, three different baselining algorithms. Batch baseline subtraction with individual baselines Advanced smoothing window, three different smoothing algorithms, two parameters each highly interactive integration function, calculate integral for all spectra at once integration function with individual baseline
interactive calculation for center of gravitiy, variable limits, all spectra at once calculate film thickness from white-light inteference spectrum Extract data from a spectra series (over 20 parameters) Remove Blank EEM data set
2-dimensional EEM contour plot with excitation/emission cross sections displayed at left EEM displayed as 3-dimensional surface plot EEM displayed as 3-dimensional iso-surface EEM displayed as 2-dimensional colour grid

incomprehensive listing, more screenshots to come...


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