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Software for optical spectroscopy. (almost) Freeware*!

What it does
View multiple optical spectra (UV/VIS, NIR, IR, Raman, fluorescence) from different sources)

Process and analyze many spectra simultaneously

Special focus on parameter calculation and manipulation of absorption and fluorescence spectra (e. g. extinction coefficients, fluorescence quantum yields)
Supported data formats include:
ASCII | CSV | JCAMP-DX | THERMO GRAMS spc | Perkin Elmer | Jasco | Shimadzu | Avantes Avasoft | Ocean Optics | Varian Cary 50 | Agilent HP8453 | Stellarnet | Ascanis | VWR | Princeton Instruments WinSpec/WinView | Beckman Coulter DU 600/700 | Scinco Neosys | Horiba Datamax | RRUFF Raman database | and others
Export data as
ASCII, THERMO Galactic SPC, JCAMP-DX, CSV, RRUFF, or binary data

Export plots as graphics file:


What's new What's up What's in it:

+++ current version 1.72.0 from October 12, 2015 +++
+++ NEW: Reading additional file formats from 9 new sources: Ocean Optics (*.procspec); JASCO (*.jws); Shimadzu UV-1600/ UV-1800(*.spc); VWR UV-1600PC (*.wls); PECSS (*.sp); Unicam U450 (*.csv); Ascanis Lambda-SPX/ VISIONlite (*.dsp); StellarNet SpectraWiz (*.abs, *.trm, *.ssm, *.irr, *.lib); USGS Spectral Library (*asc); +++
+++ NEW: Strongly improved reading of ASCII data in *.csv file format +++
+++ NEW: Saving of *.rruff files for RRUFF/ CrystalSleuth database +++
+++ NEW: Accept data pasted from the clipboard and directly convert to plot +++
+++ NEW: Reading of unknown binary files into Excel template, to reveal internal structure +++
+++ NEW: Batch Export into spc, dx and csv files+++
+++ NEW: Automated Peak labeling function (finally!) +++
+++ NEW: "Spectroscope View" simulates visual appearance as seen through hand spectroscope +++
+++ NEW: "Advanced Baselining": interactive mode for linear, adaptive, scattering baseline types +++
+++ NEW: "Advanced Smoothing": "Moving box", "Savitzky-Golay", "Percentil filter" +++
+++ NEW: Calculate Raman Shift spectrum from a wavelength spectrum + laser wavelength +++
+++ NEW: Integration: Show average value together with integral value +++
+++ NEW: Variable Threshold for peak detection, "Inverted peak finding" for transmission maxima +++
+++ NEW: Show peak bandwidth (FWHM) together with found peaks +++
+++ NEW: Attribute excitation wavelengths to series of fluorescence spectra +++
+++ NEW: Automated removal of 1. & 2. order Rayleigh & Raman scatter peaks from EEM data +++
+++ NEW: Subtract a Blank dataset from an EEM+++
+++ NEW: Switch EX/EM direction for EEM plot, export EEM plot to Clipboard+++
+++ NEW: Optional setting: multiple instances+++
==> Read more details in version history <==

*: Spekwin32 is freeware for private, academic & non-commercial users. A non-commercial license will be issued on request without any cost.

A single-time licence fee is necessary for permanent commercial use. Read more...

 © 2001-2015: Dr. Friedrich Menges. Last Change: October 13, 2015