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Links to other Spectroscopy softwares (mostly free)
(More about Galactic spc file format down below!)

I won't claim any more that "all available programs mentioned below cannot compete with Spekwin32".
Just find out yourself what suits your needs the best...

Multiformat Readers
SpecViewer by ACD (Advanced Chemistry Development), no longer available
could read ASCII, Galactic and JCAMP-DX
PLASUS SpecLine by PLASUS / Dr. Thomas Schütte, Koenigsbrunn
reads WinSpec binary files (*.spe), Galactic and ASCII, german demo version
IRREADER by Dr. Harold M. Bell, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
reading FTIR datafiles from Perkin-Elmer, Galactic, Nicolet and in JCAMP-DX
IRView32 by Dr. Norbert Haider, University of Vienna,
reading Perkin Elmer 1600 *.sp files, JCAMP-DX and ASCII
jspec by Guillaume Cottenceau, Imperial College, London
Java Spectral Visualiser reading Galactic and JCAMP-DX
Npcdn32.dll ChemDraw Net Browser Plugin by CambridgeSoft Corporation
reads JCAMP and Galactic files into pixel graphics (GIF file)

JCAMP-DX (*.dx, *.jdx) reading software
Spectacle Viewpoint by Creon/LabControl, no longer available
JCAMPVW by Prof. R. J. Lancashire, University of the West Indies, Jamaica
from 1997, went into the Chime Browser Plugin from MDL, see below
See also his JCAMP-DX site!
NPCHIME.DLL Chime Browser Plugin by Symyx Solutions, Inc. (former MDL Information Systems), current version: 2.6 SP7
interactive display of JCAMP-DX spectral files and molecular structures
JSpecView by Prof. R. J. Lancashire, University of the West Indies, Jamaica
after the development of the Chime plugin ceased, the code went Open Source and was further enhanced. There is a scientific paper about it.
JDXview by Dr. Norbert Haider, University of Vienna
JCAMP Viewer by Dr. Robert Badger from University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

Galactic (*.spc) reading software
Thermo's SPC Data Viewer

GRAMS Envision
by Galactic Corporation, then Thermo Galactic, now dissolved inside Thermo Fisher Scientific, no longer available (worked with WinNT, not Win2000). Re-released in 02/2008, works now even with Win XP, but is still of very limited use (plain viewer, no saving possible).
But: there is also Envision, the data viewer part of the big&mighty GRAMS suite. It comes as a functions limited demo version.
For History see also: Former Thermo Electron Brand Names
ShowSpc by U. S. Environmental Protection Agency
SPC Content-Plugin by Dr. Christian Moschner, Christian-Albrechts-Universität Kiel (Germany), Plugin for Total Commander, to search and organize spc file collections by spectral features.

Perkin Elmer (*.sp) reading software
Read_IR by Mauricio Gomes Constantino, Laboratory of Organic Synthesis, University of São Paulo, Brasilia
reads IR files from Perkin-Elmer spectrometers (only *.sp)

software for ASCII data
a|e - UV-Vis-IR by Søren Preus, from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, now at Noka Design ApS
based on Matlab, perhaps the most modern and most versatile software from all above. Try it out!

Peak fitting software
fityk a program for data processing and nonlinear curve fitting
Spectrum Viewer Erwin Timmerman's Spectrum Viewer
Peak-O-Mat a data analysis and curve fitting program written in Python
MagicPlot Lightweight app for data analysis, plotting and nonlinear fitting
PeakFit "The Automatic Choice For Spectroscopy, Chromatography and Electrophoresis"
Razor Fit Where you go when your peak fitting software won't fit the peaks
eXPfit Peak Fitting Add-In for MS-Excel
Tom O'Haver A Pragmatic* Introduction to Signal Processing - An illustrated essay with free software to download
  • More about working with Galactic GRAMS *.spc files:
    Before Galactic dissolved into THERMO corporation, there used to be around some information for software developers for working with the binary spc file type. At the moment, none of them is available.
  • SPC Data File - Software Developer's Kit, with file format description
  • SpcIO Library (GSpcIOLib) - COM-DLL for reading/writing spc files with complete description

    You will have to look at Thermo's GRAMS site: http://www.thermoscientific.com/en/products/spectroscopy-software.html. Or, perhaps, I also archived the files for myself?

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