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SpectroChemistry Systems (UV-VIS-NIR)

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Chemical Absorbance Systems
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  • UV-VIS & NIR systems for chemical absorbance measurements 190-2300nm

  • Spectrochemistry Systems include a miniature spectrometer, light source, and sampling accessory such as cuvette holders, dip probes, & flow cells

  • SpectraWiz Software has built in features for ChemWiz Concentration Analyzer with multivariate chemometric options

  • Episodic capture for kinetics, time series analysis, & batch monitoring

  • Easily convert to fluorescence or reflectance for multi applications

  • Great for Teaching Labs, Research, Process Control & much more!

  • Also see details about our Fluorescence and Raman Systems

Spectrometers for Chemistry Applications
StellarNet miniature research grade spectrometers allow for low cost measurements in the UV-VIS-NIR wavelength ranges. These instruments can measure species absorption, emission, fluorescence, transmission, concentration, and color, using the free SpectraWiz® Software Suite. StellarNet Chemical Absorbance Systems reliably measure absorbance and concentrations and have applications in the food & beverage, petrochemical, pharmaceuticals, raw material industries.

StellarNet’s Low Cost UV-VIS Spectrometer system is composed of the BLACK-Comet research grade concave grating spectrometer, a SL5 high stability light source with integrated cuvette holder, and an optical coupling fiber.
The BLACK-Comet series of concave grating spectrometers cover wavelength ranges 190-1100nm in four different configurations. The BLACK-Comet utilizes aberration corrected optics allowing for enhanced UV sensitivity, reduced stray light, uniform resolution, and superb spectral imaging.
The RED-Wave NIR InGaAs series spectrometers cover the near infrared 900-2300nminfrared wavelength regions from 900-2300nm with either 512 or 1024 element cooled photodiode arrays. StellarNet’s spectrometers are ruggedized, durable, and the perfect instrument for any lab or field application.

StellarNet UV-VIS-NIR systems covers a 190-2300nm range with fiber optic light sources and accessories. Click on the tabs above for light source and sampling accessory options!

BLACK-Comet & RED-Wave Spectrometer System with Dip probe measuring from 200-2300nm.

A SL5 UV+VIS Light Source can be coupled via fiber optic cables (2x F600-UVVIS-SR) to a cuvette holder and then to the BLACK-Comet concave grating spectrometer for 200-1080nm detection.

One of our most popular configurations- SL5-CUV UV-VIS with integrated cuvette holder, F600-UVVIS-SR fiber optic cable, and a BLACK-Comet spectrometer

SL5-Cuvette UV-VIS Lamp with Integrated Cuvette
... more light sources …
Flow Cell
Dip Probe
Spectrometer Cuvettes

Liquid Samples
For liquids, samples can be pipetted inside cuvettes and then placed into the CUV1 (4-way fiber optic cuvette holder) used for transmission, absorbance, fluorescence, and color measurements. You may also use the DPH fiber optic dip probe for in situ measurements or our ATR probe for darker colored inks and dyes. A variety of flow cells and industrial probes for process monitoring applications are also available.
MFC is a mini flow cell with 10mm optical path length with fused silica windows (optional Ultem, Plexiglas, Steel, Teflon or PEEK). Optional 2.5, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100-mm optical path lengths.Flow Cell

MFFC is a mini fluorescence flow cell that has a fiber optic cable input to send excitation energy through a fused silica window into a 2-mm inner-diameter sample compartment. Emitted energy is collected by a second fiber, oriented at 90°, that connects to a spectrometer configured for fluorescence.

CUV-TEMP is a temperature controlled cuvette holder for fluorescence & absorbance measurements from -30 °C to +105 °C. Includes sample compartment, two imaging lenses, two collimating lenses, two mirror plugs, submersible pump, cover with access cap, tubing, cables and a stir bar.
Solid and Powder Samples  
The RPH Reflectance probe is a popular accessory for color measurement. The SL1-Filter Tungsten Halogen lamp with internal Color Equalization Filter (CEQ) is used to illuminate the RPH’s 7 input optical fibers. At the probe tip the 7 optical fibers are bundled around one 600um collection fiber which returns the reflected light to the spectrometer. The RPH probe can be used with the RPH1 Reflectance Probe Holder block that maintains a 45 degree angle and user set distance from sample or the RPH3 is a Reflectance Probe Holder stand for 90° angle measurements. The RS50 white reflectance standard should be used to take your white reference spectrum for all color measurement applications.
The RTIP45 is a black plastic tip has 45 degree angle and slides onto reflectance probe and locks to set position.
An integrating sphere, such as the IC2, can also be used in place of the fiber optic reflectance probe to improve measurement consistency. The IC2 has an illumination port as well as a baffeled collection port.

Coarse Samples

The RFX-3D Reflectance fixture has integrated light source to enable simple color measurement of solids and powders StellarNet 3-D Reflectance Fixtureby placing sample on directly on top. Additionally the RFX-3D has 3 fiber connectors to the spectrometer each positioned 120 degrees in a circle thus eliminating the need to rotate coarse grain samples. Reflectance from 3 positions is combined using special 3-to-1 fiber for spectrometer.
SpectroColorimeter Sample Spectra  

Spectrum of simulated chemical reaction using SpectraWiz software allows for time series analysis of batch titrations and in process monitor and control.

SpectraWiz software interface displaying raw NIR reflectance spectra of dietary supplement powders with inset multivariate calibration model

DWARF-Star NIR Spectrometer
SpectraWiz Software displaying a time series increase of NIR water absorption bands.

2nd Derivative data using SpectraWiz of various plastics, used for identification in recycling plants


SpectroChemistry System Options
Item Description Price
Preconfigured UV-VIS Chemical Absorbance System  
Chem System

Preconfigured Chemistry system for absorption analysis of liquid samples. System consists of BLACK-Comet-C 25µm slit spectrometer, SL5-CUV, F1000-UVVIS-SR-1 fiber optic cable, and SpectraWiz Spectroscopy Software.
Spectrometers for Chemistry Applications  
Concave Grating spectrometer for UV-VIS. C(190-850nm) or CXR (280-900nm)
Super Range Concave Grating spectrometer for UV-VIS-NIR. C-SR (200-1080nm) or CXR-SR (220-1100nm)
Low cost spectrometer designed for teaching labs
Compact NIR spectrometer with miniature size (5x2x3 '') and extremely robust design with 512 element PDA, range 900-1700nm, 2.5nm resolution with 25um slit, 16-bit digitizer, high speed USB-2.
Compact NIR spectrometer with miniature size (5x2x3 '') and extremely robust design with 1024 element InGaAs PDA, range 900-1700nm, 1.25nm resolution with 25um slit, 16-bit digitizer, high speed USB-2.
Extended range NIR spectrometer for 900-2300nm with 512 element cooled PDA
Extended range NIR spectrometer for 900-2300nm with 1024 element cooled PDA
Fiber Optic Accessories for Transmission/Absorbance/Fluorescence  
CUV1 4-way cuvette Holder with 3 lenses – 1 lens position at 90 deg for fluorescence $595
TFX-3 Adjustable pathlength Transmission Fixture with 2 LENS-QCOLS $495
DP400-VISNIR Dip Probe for Vis-NIR (for UV-Vis-SR add $100) $1825
F600-VIS-NIR Armored, 600um diameter single strand, multimode fiber optic cable with black PVC jacket and 2 SMA conectors-2 meter length for wavelength range 400-2200nm $160
F600-UVVIS-SR Armored Solarization Resistant 600um fiber optic cable – 2 meters $195
Fiber Optic Accessories for Liquid Samples  
SL1-Filter SL1 10,000 hour halogen light source with filter holder nose and filter.
SL1-CUV SL1 10,000 hour halogen light source with integrated cuvette holder
SL1-LED Miniature fiber optic light source with replaceable LED. Includes set of 6 LED’s
SL3 Fiber optic deuterium light source with 4,000 hour Hamamatsu L2D2 bulb
SL5 Deuterium + Tungsten UV/Vis/NIR Lamp
SL51-CUV Deuterium + Tungsten UV/Vis/NIR Lamp with integrated cuvette holder

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