three license types available: commercial | non-commercial | distribution

Obtaining commercial licenses

Ordering details:
Licence Conditions:
  • international order handling by MyCommerce
  • many payment methods available (Credit Card,wire transfer - prepayment, Paypal, giropay, Check prepayment, AliPay, ...)
  • ordering modes: online or by Fax
  • all prices stated below excluding VAT

  • licence has unlimited validity &
  • license includes free updates
  • that is: buy once, get future updates forever
  • licence includes mail-support from qualified person
volume discount prices:


for multiple licenses, volume discounts are available:

quantity price per licence ( w/o VAT)
1 licence
210 €
2 licences
195 € each
3 - 5 licences
180 € each
6 - 10 licences
170 € each
11 - 20 licences
165 € each
20+ licenses 160 € each

Please go to the order form and

  • select the number of licenses desired,
  • decide for a payment method,
  • give your details and
  • you will be sent an email with a invoice (VAT/ taxes stated)
  • and a download link to your permanent commercial version!

    Please note: In case you or your company can't use credit card/ online payment, just sent an email with your license request. We can do license purchase also more traditional with quotation, order, invoice and payment via bank transfer.

Please download and use the new Spectragryph software instead!



How to get a non-commercial license:

To obtain a permanent version, just contact me and explain your non-commercial use. You'll then receive a free license without further formalities. But please: first try out and make use of the trial version! It is fully funcitonal and works much longer than you might expect.

About distributing the non-commercial version to academics:

Generally, the Spekwin32 use conditions prohibit the distribution of Spekwin32 by anybody except the author or his representatives! However, in academic institutions there are situations where a locally restricted distribution is desirable: like a lecturer distributing the software to his course's students, a group leader; distributing the software to his graduate and PhD students; or even a natural sciences department distributing the software to its members from an internal server... For these case, I've created two types of limited distribution licenses:

  • group distribution license: allows manual distribution of the permanent non-commercial Spekwin32 version to a limited group of persons belonging to an academic institution (like a course's students, or a research group)
    price per licence ( w/o VAT): 100 €
  • departmental distribution license: allows automated internal distribution (like an internal download server) of the permanent non-commercial Spekwin32 version to all persons belonging to an academic institution (like all members of a universities chemistry department, or all members of a (inter-)national research facility like CERN)
    price per licence ( w/o VAT): 350 € You can also directly order via the order form.
Please contact me for details, these two license types are not totally free, but once acquired, they are valid forever and also include future versions of the software.