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Just released!
The brand-new, top-modern
successor software for Spekwin32

Spectragryph 1.0


All (?) Features of Spekwin32 (new in v1.72)

Data import, Graphics/Data export:

  • Import of spectra from a multitude of spectrometers systems:
    • THERMO Galactic GRAMS software (*.spc)
    • Perkin Elmer UV/VIS, NIR, FTIR, fluorescence & Raman spectrometers (*.sp)
    • Ascanis Lambda-SPX/ VISIONlite software (*.dsp)
    • Avantes AvaSoft 6.0, 7.0 software (*.tat, *.tit, *.trt, *.ttt)
    • Varian Cary 50 (*.csv)
    • Beckman Coulter DU 600/7000 (*.scn, *.asc)
    • Horiba Datamax (*.prn)
    • Hewlett Packard 8453 (*.csv)
    • THERMO Nicolet OMNIC FTIR spectrometers (*.spa)
    • JASCO Spectramanager software (*.jws)
    • Ocean Optics spectrometers (*.procspec)
    • Shimadzu UV-1600, UV-1800 spectrometers (*.spc)
    • Scinco Neosys 2000 UV-Vis spectrometer (*.csv)
    • StellarNet SpectraWiz software (*.abs, *.trm, *.ssm, *.irr, *.lib)
    • Bio-Rad FTS 3000 MX FTIR spectrometer (*.csv)
    • Thermo Electron Helios Alpha spectrometer (*.csv)
    • Unicam U450 spectrometer (*.csv)
    • USGS spectral library files (*.asc)
    • RRUFF Raman mineral database (*.rruff)
    • VWR UV-1600PC spectrometer (*.wls)
    • ColVisTec inline spectrometers (*.wl, *.dat)
    • WTW photoLab spectral (*.csv)
    • GL Gem Raman (*.fak, *.rruff)
    • Milton Roy Spectronic 3000 (*.asc)
    • IKS XDAP (*.spk)
    • Roper Scientific / Princeton Instruments WinSpec/WinView software binary files (*.spe)
    • Princeton Instruments WinSpec 1.6 software ASCII files (*.prn)
    • UV/VIS, NIR, IR, fluorescence and Raman spectra in JCAMP-DX 4.24/5.00 standard (*.dx, *.jdx)
  • Graphics export as WMF, GIF, PNG, TIFF or BMP via Clipboard or printer
  • Data export as:
    • ASCII file, 2 variations (*.dat and *.csv)
    • Gnuplot parameter file
    • RRUFF Raman mineral database (*.rruff)
    • THERMO Galactic/GRAMS *.spc file
    • JCAMP-DX file (*.dx) or as
    • space-saving Spekwin32 binary file
    • export to Clipboard
  • Batch export as:
    • single file *.csv, *.dx, *.spc (maintain or change filename & path)
    • multi file *.csv, *.dx, *.spc (maintain or change filename & path)

Processing of Spectra:

  • Baseline Correction
  • Advanced baseline correction
  • Spike Removal
  • Correction of fluorescence spectra
  • Assign excitation wavelengths to emission spectra
  • Correction of excitation energy for emission spectra
  • Remove scattering peaks from emission spectra (Rayleigh +Raman, 1st. + 2nd. order)
  • Normalization by peak maximum
  • Normalization by area
  • Smoothing
  • Advanced smoothing
  • Finding Peaks & FWHM
  • Changing of legend captions
  • Cutting partial spectra
  • Sorting spectra / changing order
  • Remove spectra (arbitrary selection)


  • Fast scaling, zooming, rescaling with mouse
  • Status bar at bottom displays current mouse position => fast reading of data points
  • X-axis: wavelength, wavenumbers, Raman shift or electron volts, complementary second x-axis possible
  • Y-axis: transmittance,reflectance, absorbance, intensity molar absorption coefficient and log(absorption coefficient)
  • Automated choice of axis types from spectral data files while opening
  • Free axis caption, font, font size
  • Grid mode
  • Spectra display with arbitrary colour, line type, line width, legend texts
  • Automated peak labeling
  • Display of two-dimensional fluorescence spectra (EEM)
  • "Spectroscope View" simulating visual appearance through spectroscope
  • Drag&Drop for Spekwin32-readable files
  • Copy&Paste of arbitrary data gives instant plot
  • Open unknown binary files
  • Changing and saving many options in configuration dialog
  • Allowing multiple instances of Spekwin32 to be opened


Calculations from Spectra:

  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division of spectra with each others
  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division of spectra with constant values in x- and y-axis
  • Averaging of spectra
  • Differentiation (1. - 4. order)
  • Integration & Average
  • Concentration from absorbance & absorption coefficient
  • absorption coefficient from absorbance & concentration
  • Oscillatory strength
  • Effective absorbance
  • transmittance / reflectance spectra from two intensity spectra
  • film thickness determination
  • Center of gravity (with fluorescence spectra)
  • Fluorescence quantum yield (temperatur dependence possible)
  • Degree of polarization
  • Reduced spectrum from S and P polarized spectra
  • Create Raman shift spectrum from wavelength spectrum + laser wavelength
  • Subtract a Blank dataset from an EEM
  • Calculation & displaying of two-dimensional fluorescence spectra
  • Calculation of excitation spectra from two-dimensional fluorescence spectra
  • Fit of Gauss curves to present spectra / simulation of spectra with Gauss curves
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