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about distributing the non-commercial version to academics

Generally, the Spectragryph use conditions prohibit the distribution of Spectragryph by anybody except the author or his representatives! Each user normally has to get his own copy and apply individually for the licensed version.

However, in academic institutions there are situations where a locally restricted distribution is desirable, like

    • a lecturer distributing the software to his course's students
    • a group leader distributing the software to his graduate and PhD students
    • a science department distributing the software to its members from an internal server...

For these cases, I've created a limited distribution license:

The departmental distribution license allows manual distribution as well as automated internal distribution (like an internal download server or automated deployment with silent installation) of the licensed non-commercial Spectragryph version to all persons and computers belonging to an academic institution (like all members of a university's chemistry department, or all members of a (inter-)national research facility like CERN).
It is both available for the standard version, as well as for the "freemium" versions with either unlimited database search, (called Spectragryph-id) or spectrometer control/ live acquisition (called Spectragryph-on). The Do-it-all version Spectragryph-id-on combines both freemium features.

standard version: price per licence ( w/o VAT): 500 €

freemium versions:

Spectragryph-on : price per licence ( w/o VAT): 2900 €
(unrestricted spectra acquisition/ spectrometer control)

Spectragryph-id : price per licence
( w/o VAT)
: 4400 €
(unlimited database search)

Spectragryph-id-on : price per licence
( w/o VAT)
: 6500 €
(unlimited database search & unrestricted spectra acquisition)

Request a quote or order directly via the order form . This is a life-time license: valid forever, including all future updates! Instructions for silent installation are available.


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