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Download of Spectragryph (fully functional trial version, includes -id and -on functions) Start > Step 2

Time-limited trial version, dual terms of use, please read before download!

Take your time for evaluation. Please note, that your trial volume will be finally exhausted some day (depending on use intensity)*.
After the trial volume is used up, your trial version will not work anymore.

* guaranteed trial volume: the software will work until _all_ these conditions are met:

  • 42 days after first spectrum opened
  • started the software 42 times
  • opened 420 spectra
  • read 420,000 data points

Commercial use Non-commercial use

Regular commercial use of Spectragryph requires purchasing a licence.

This licence entitles you to get free updates forever and free basic mail support. A single licence might be used by a single user or on a single computer, but not by several persons on several computers.

For non-commercial, private, academic and educational use and for non-profit organizations, Spectragryph is free and available without any cost.

Academic users of Spectragryph should please adhere to the citation guidelines!
For use by a group of academics, a distribution license is available!

To obtain a permanent version, go here for purchasing your life-time license!

To obtain the licensed non-commercial version, just contact me and explain your non-commercial use. Then I will send you a free license key for the standard version. Please don't ask immediately after download, try it first!

for your attention: and now:

This software download gives you a fully functional piece of software, working for a limited period of time. I want users make good use of Spectragryph, as free of restrictions as possible. However, people tend to forget about licensing if the software doesn't remind them. So, this download is a time-limited trial version. Its flexible time-limit is more generous than usually, and infrequent users might take years before running into it.

Spectragryph has been polished in countless hours day and night. Found bugs are usually fixed in a short time frame. Almost all inquiries get answered within 24 hours. Many features are based on user feedback and user proposals. All users are treated equal. To non-commercial users, Spectragryph is free and will ever be. Mic drop.

Download Spectragryph


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