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FAQ, manual, guidance, videos for the new Spectragryph software from here!


Spekwin32 guidances and detailed explanations.

Guidance for "Subtract blank EEM dataset"

Guidance: Subtract EEM blank dataset

Remove all scattering and solvent contributions by subtracing a complete EEM fluorescence dataset (PDF, 786kB)
Blank EEM dataset....sample EEM dataset....blank subtracted EEM dataset

Zipped example dataset with 2 x 31 spectra for download: BlankSubtraction.zip

Guidance for "Show Spectroscope View"

Guidance: Show Spectroscope View

Simulate the view through a visual hand-held spectroscope, based on measured spectral data (PDF, 632kB)
Spectroscope View, not activated....Spectroscope View, activated

Guidance for "Paste Data from Clipboard"

Guidance: Paste Data from Clipboard

Instantly create a spectral plot from copy & pasted data columns. Auto-detect axis types and spectrum names (PDF, 609kB)
copy data from Excel....paste data into Spekwin32

Guidance for "Gaussfit"

Guidance: Gaussfit

Explaining modelling/ deconvolution of the vibronic transitions of absorbance & fluorescence spectra, following Franck-Condon principles (PDF, 766kB)
setting the GaussFit parameters....First guess, before iterations....end result, interations finished

Explanation for: Peak finding + FWHM calculation for a Raman example

Learn how to import a Raman dataset from arbitrary data, do a simple baseline correction, and get a peak list with FWHM values (PDF, 638kB)

FAQ, manual, guidance, videos for the new Spectragryph software from here!

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